Surveys are the most effective way to continuously get feedback from your customers, but they have gaps...  


 1.  they don’t get to the root of the problem

2.   most customers don't want to take them



We believe the best way to get to the root of the problem is by having conversations.

We built a digital bridge that connects customers to your business' Facebook Messenger to take surveys so, if you need to have a conversation, you easily can.  


Try it yourself





Get connected

 Scan, Text, or Tap a link to get connected.



 Utilizes a common platform so customers do not have to download additional apps.



Add an element of fun for your customers to chose their rewards through games, elevating their experience.


20 seconds or less

Make it easy and effortless for your customers to give you feedback.  Scan. Tap. Reward.


custom ads

Promote additional products and services through digital Ad Cards.


Open Conversation

Make it easy to get to the root of the problems when you need to.



Feel Empowered 

Customers get connected to team members that have the power to make a difference and feel important.