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Become Your Very Best

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for teams to become their very best. So we built an app called Coach. Coach is a work management system teams use to simplify work, synthesize information, and build great teams.


Establish Your Ideal Environment

Coach established a culture of clarity, accountability, and teamwork. It’s environment forces your team to practice these principles that great teams are built upon, everyday. This leads to..

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Coach For Growth

Coach’s card, deck, and scoreboard system gives all team members the authority to grow, while holding them accountable to getting their work done through full team transparency. Practicing these habits everyday will teach your team responsibility, teamwork and trust. 


Cards Communicate Information

Keep everyone clear on what they need to do and how to do it with digital cards. Quickly and easily create cards for assignments and knowledge, or capture and organize intel to all the right people on your team. Use comments to communicate and contain card details in one place so that you never lose relevant conversations and information again.

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Notifications Coordinate Teamwork

We effortlessly synthesize information across your team to keep those that need to know, in the know, with notifications.

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Scoreboard Creates Accountability

Automate accountability through transparency and tracking all team members performance. We put all team members’ assignments on a team score board so that everyone can see what everyone’s done, doing and going to do next. No more hiding, now your accountable

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Decks Centralize Knowledge

Make it easy for your team to find the information they need to succeed by centralizing team assignments, information, and knowledge all in one place.

Examples: repetitive tasks, collections of things like food/drink menus, plans, equipment, training, documenting work. Store related info. Capture intel

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Join us, together we can transform the world.  

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Simplify. Synthesize. Build Great Teams.





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